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Necromancers are powerful allies for almost any class in the game if the necromancer knows what he/she is doing. Monk/Necro is a very powerful combo and you are already level 36. At 45 your friend will not have access to the game changing Shadowbond (heal over time 500hp), but they will have Pact of Shadow (heal over time 324hp) that is still pretty handy from 45-50. You need to make sure your friend is keeping you healed or he is playing his necromancer the wrong way.

Charming on a necro at 45 is pretty shity. At 49 the Necromancer gets a huge power spike from a new Life Tap spell, Bond of Death (self heal drain), Lich, Cajole Undead(charm), and the ever powerful Paralyzing Earth(3 min root).

The Monk/Necromancer only get more and more powerful as the Necromancer raises in level. You get to a point at 50ish where you two could really do some damage in places like upper CoM, KC, and HS basement - but honestly the necro is doing the heavy lifting.

The role of the Monk will be to pull and tank while the necomancer heals and does DPS via Charming. There are so many undead zones in the game that not charming after 49 is pretty stupid.

Personally I would stick with the Monk. You can both Feign Death and the duo really starts to get super OP when the necromancers gets Shadowbond. Having a monk pull for the necro really speeds things along. However if you are dead set on changing things up - Enchanter/Shaman/Necromancer(2x)/Monk/SK/Cleric/Bard are all A+ Necromancer partners.

The synergy with shaman Canni and Necro heals is awesome, basically unlimited mana and you can both root rot. SK/Monk can both FD so you can dungeon crawl in relative safety as long as your not trying to push the limits too far (a lot of the time its more efficient for the Monk/SK to just chain pull in Mobs/Pets for the necro to root and take out via Charm, its like a safety valve for the necro and it takes away pet XP). Enchanter is super OP with CC and an additional charm pet (the necro can heal the enchanter making up for one of the enchanters key weaknesses). Bards can sing damage songs and play regen, and Clerics CHing pets is pretty well documented as the most OP thing on the server.

Basically your friend needs to hit 49 and whatever you want to play wont matter much. Necromancers can sail their way from 50-60 pretty easily and you will likely just be a leech no matter what class you play (I don't mean that in a mean way, its just how P99 is)
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