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Too late to edit but I'd also throw druid up there for honorable mention. Could be difficult to find an ideal zone but if you can find good charm targets for both the druid and necro you can just fear kite with those pets outdoors.

Bardp1999 is right, though, necro can combo well with anything because the necro has such a versatile skill set. The most effective duos are all going to revolve around charming, however.

As far as necro/monk and charming at the same time, that could be pretty difficult to pull off. The necro has to keep bond up, pact up, and charm up, his life up from lich all the while the monk has no way to help the necro out on charm breaks so the necro is going to eat a lot of damage on breaks potentially and then they will have to tap for themselves. Very difficult and extremely mana intensive.