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What's your friends play style? Do you already have other classes in XP range of the Necromancer? You're already 'behind' on the monk; how do you plan to get a fresh character 'caught up'.

What do you find boring on the monk? Just standing there meleeing? Or feeling like a third wheel to your friend and his pet? Perhaps switch how you play. Instead of fear kite tank and spank (or vice versa). Perhaps you can play his wingman; supplying pulls, training away wandering mobs before they add to the combat, etc.

Maybe try a new dungeon or to hunt a specific mob/item. Dalnirs has a lot for untwinked monks and necromancers. Tower of Frozen Shadow is another challenging zone with a few nice loot options, if that is what you are after.

Necromancer is a versatile duo mate, it will match with anything really. I remember them being my preferred group mate on my ranger 55-60. They loved my slow proc, regen and buffs to their pet! Based on that, if it's shaman you want to play then why not?