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Stick w/ the monk. If y'all really want to spice things up, toss a shaman who is LFG in there and trio the world.

Nice thing about monk / necro is it almost eliminates the "oh shit" moments of necro charm pet breaking right as root fades, etc. The monk will just keep on tanking...making the necro's life far easier. Additionally, in places like HS where harm touches are plentiful, you can have the necro pets eat the HTs. As the pet gets low, kill it for full XP and get another one.

Its quite effective once you get the gist of it. Like I said...anytime you can find a shaman to add into the mix you've got one the best trios in the game.

The necro could basically plvl (or at the very least really speed) you up to a closer level range. As long as you're not grouped and you do more than 50% of the dmg on the mob you're gonna get full xp.
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