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Originally Posted by White_knight [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
You realize you've become more of a troll than the trolls you despise, right?
I think I would be offended if people like you didn't hate me and try troll every comment I post.

That being said, I believe most here are dishonest about the wipe is clean campaign. It's more about screwing those that still play more than a fresh start.

If it was about a fresh start, they would play as ALS or on RoZ to satisfy their need. So people do do that. Instead, there has been a continuing cry to wipe everyone's stuff. Everyone who still plays. Just to satisfy those who don't.

Even with the new green server, they never considered wiping blue and a screwing over those that still play there.

Back to blue for you, Sir. Stop crying about the cookies and milk you can't have and get on with your life.
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If you are toxic to my staff, I personally believe you don't have a place here. That includes passive aggressive public comments as well (I happen to think those are worse).