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Surprised no one mentioned fear kiting mobs with a melee. The whole reason melee are great to duo with a necro is because it's like having another pet for the necro. Fear + snare and you and the pet beating on it are more than enough to kill things. Granted, this strat won't work in dungeons, but at your levels, leveling on Snarlers in FV or moving to DL north wall would work just as well.

As others have said, if you don't want to play the monk anymore, any class will do just fine. Necros are the most efficient soloers in the game. They can't solo as much as a shaman or enchanter can, but they can do a lot of things. So any class on top of that is going to enhance it. The reason why a mnk/shm/nec trio works so well is because any two of those work very well together.

So basically, play whatever you want. Just know that you'll have a lot of catch up to do if you make a new character.