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Originally Posted by Tudar [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I have yet to step foot into ToV on Project 1999 and will be trying to attend 5/17 (tomorrow!)

As someone who's ignorant to WToV and the lot, I would be bringing a 58 druid. If I'm reading the loot pick rules correctly..

As an example ..

1. Shield of Thorns
2. Leather Chest
2. Leather Wrist and Arms

Is that correct? Or are there other loot tables I should be looking at to make a decision? Appreciate the help and advice.

Also now that I think about it, I have no intentions of ever maxing Kael faction for the armor, so would there be other options to pick from apart from the Leather slots? I R NUB
Your loot picks are correct. Although I am not sure why you would go if you aren't going to get kael faction done. There isn't any other loot you could get here other than the flurry loot (shield of thorns). You may be able to pick some plate drops and sell loot rights there. Plate is a hot commodity in wtov. I know a lot of folks looking for plate BP, bracer, and sleeves. Don't pick some stuff if you know its going to rot in the bank!
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