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Originally Posted by Troxx [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I’ll make it easy for you:

Epic + SoS > AC + SoS

It’s that simple. AC isn’t far behind, mind you, but it is behind. If you needed/wanted the proc you can use it situationally and keep it in your bag. I sold mine after I got epic. I wasn’t going to use it often if at all and applied the funds elsewhere.
Is it though? My calculations are showing that at 55, this isn't necessarily true. Now my calculations could be off, but with the skill difference, the epic is practically equal to the AC at that level. It definitely pulls ahead towards 60 but you're looking at just over 2% of a DPS increase with using the epic as your primary over the AC before calculating stun damage and losing out on those sweet sweet stuns which are awesome for any group/solo/duo.
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