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Originally Posted by Troxx [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
If you’re soloing and care about balancing white dmg output and riposte damage intake you’re better off with IFS (or TStaff if you can afforded it). These 2handers are quite competitive with any of the 1hander weapons discussed so far in this thread and the benefit of taking well under 50% the riposte damage.

AC is a good weapon. Almost every monk will bag or sell it when they get their epic.
Even ignoring the superior riposte numbers, at level 60, if you're averaging 50 total dps against a particular mob, the approximately 2% increase you see with the epic vs AC will net you 1 damage per second more on average.

If you're getting a modest 1.5 procs per minute with the AC, you'll be averaging 1.5 damage per second more.

In this situation, the AC will do marginally more DPS.

With 1.5 procs per minute, you mitigate almost 15% damage from a mob. That is a pretty huge number.

I can however see the epic pulling significantly out over the AC when doing harder content with higher mob armor.

Just because everyone is doing something doesn't make it the superior choice. I'm fully willing to embrace the idea that the epic really is the superior choice in most situations but we should have some sort of evidence for this beyond "most monks do it".
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