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Arrow Make EQ's music (MIDI) sound Significantly Better.

*Most of the Information I found to complete this was taken from

By changing your systems MIDI soundfont, you can recreate the AWE32 Soundblaster sound which is how the music was meant to be heard in EQ! (the MIDI soundfont that windows comes with by default is pretty terrible)

Preview the sounds:
(you may not be super impressed but in comparison its a lot better, im too lazy to upload a comparison video, maybe i will at a later date)

1.) Download 1mgm.sf2 to Desktop or any location [download]
2.) install bassmididrv.exe [download]
3.) Run BASSMIDI Driver Configuration
4.) "Add" 1mgm.sf2 to soundfonts and click "Apply"
5.) Go to Advanced tab, under Default MIDI Synth, select BASSMIDI Driver and hit "Apply"

You can google "MIDI soundfont Banks" to see if you find any you like better

You might notice a little bit of glitchyness in the video with the sound, i think that's only because my fraps was running.

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