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Originally Posted by Raev [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I'm a little surprised the Necro pet outdamaged the monk, but a) tanking cuts your dps by maybe 10% due to ripostes and bash b) most leveling monks will not cap strength, which is another 10-20% depending on his gear c) the tstaff proc is 3-4 DPS depending on dexterity d) 7% off capped haste (and no +20 ATK from VoG) e) tstaff is going to get +10 dps after the 2H buff. So maybe it isn't that surprising. Of course the skeleton probably missed some backstabs but I think it's hard to keep pets behind the mob 100% even with an attentive tank.

I guess we both play Necro in a similar and reasonably close to optimal way. The difference is that I have a 60 enchanter and I'm constantly reminded of how much better he would be. Offensively, you were bringing maybe 60 dps which is not bad at all. But a (good) enchanter would be bringing 100+ with a charmed bok, better haste on the Monk, and C2/Gift on the magician. Defensively, you were healing maybe 40 hp/tick which is also not bad. But C2/Gift on the Shaman would generate nearly that much. And the Enchanter has 4 slot dispel, slow, and real mez to take the pressure off as well. So when I'm playing support dps on my Necro I miss my enchanter and when I'm pulling, even though they are surprisingly good there, I still really miss the survivability of the Monk.

I have periodically gotten strength buffs and Primal Avatar on my charmed pets before but I've never been religious about it. It's a good find. Yet another reason Shaman are the Necro's best friend.

P.S. I don't think it's that hard to farm 300K, although it isn't exactly easy. That's 6 fungi tunics, for example, or about 100 hours at the spore king while 75% AFK doing house work. It all depends what your idea of fun is.
My wife already makes me do all the washing up and taking out the rubbish bin. The thought of doing it to kill time waiting for respawns both terrifies me and really boils my asshole. I protest nearly every time I'm asked so the thought of doing it on my own like an automaton deeply disturbs me