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What's a good spot for a 12th level (human) Necro out in Qeynos?

Tried Misty a little bit. The issue with her is she's sometimes red con to me and 1 resist can spell trouble. It takes my entire mana bar to kill her even so. Also killing her hurts Qeynos guard faction which isn't a huge deal since I genocided gnolls for a while and they're amiable but I guess could be something to worry about if I did it too much.

I know some people do Bandits but mainly for the sashes no? My issue with trying them would be they lower Blood Saber faction. I'm guessing that could cause problems in a hurry for me, though I don't know how many turn-ins of that quest would be enough to trash my faction.

I'd prefer to stay out in this side of the world since I've never leveled her but trying to figure out good spots to try.