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Originally Posted by ScaringChildren [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
So because someone who can't explain something outside his expertise means that no one can explain it?


Dude, take the man off your pedestal.

Who knows more about human shadow knights? You or Hawking?

Of course you do.

But wait...he was so much smarter than can that be???

I bet the average American was more in tune with American politics than Stephen Hawking was.

He was British. He's not a Republican.

He has no idea why Trump was elected.

He admitted that.

I know more than he does because I early voted for Trump in the primary and general.

I have first hand experience.

Stephen can't even move his hand.
He likely knew more about our system than the man you voted for.

But there is no comparison. I can't put "tanks better than a physicist" on a job application and I wouldn't tout it as a personal achievement. It's highly specific knowledge of a niche game. American politics are known globally because they effect the globe, not a virtual world of effeminate elves and fucking faeries. P99 mechanics aren't complex, not American politics complex. Understanding and navigating through p99 raid politics is a better example, but you didn't make that comparison. And if you had, it would have been met with the same Jung / Nietzsche reply about human behavior.

Also, of course Hawkings can't move his hand; he's dead. Oh right, you were making fun of his disability. You didn't have to say who you voted for, that gave it away. It's not even offensive, it's just predictable. And that's the point about the unconscious mind.
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