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Originally Posted by ScaringChildren [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
He. Was. Not. An. Expert. On. Politics.

He was a physicist.

Like Einstein said, "You wouldn't judge a fish on how well he climbed a tree."

Also, Trump proved he knows more about American politics than Hawking by becoming President.

You sound like one of those ignorant people who don't give Trump credit for navigating through world of politics and media.

You have a rigid, conventional mindset where you can't think outside the box. Your arrogance is plain to see, even if you play as the nice guy.

You seem like a nice dude in your videos but you're coming off as an arrogant person with an air of superiority here. You're no better than me. Your original post was to antagonize.

You posted a video someone calling a group of individuals "lowest common denominators".

Don't you see how pompous that is?

Your side likes to believe it's on the right side of history, but they're unaware of their ignorance and arrogance.

You don't know how Trump was elected because you're out of touch and ignorant.

I don't have a side, other than not racist, xenophobic, homophobic, etc. I like people, just not the ones who hate other people.

As far as him knowing politics, he does not. He chose Senator Brownback of all people as the religious ambassador and Pence, as usual, was the deciding vote. He had to push for it a second time, unsurprisingly, because there weren't enough votes first time around.

Talking about how I'm out of touch? I grew up with republicans, went to school with them, even one of those "global warming doesn't exist" summer camps in the 90s. How many denominations does it take to get love thy neighbor wrong? Which ties back in with Sam Brownback. One look at his record as governor should be enough that he never holds a position in government again, even as a case worker. Forget his trickle down experiment, his position on just about everything else was out of touch. Fucking guy wore two basketball teams on the same shirt at the Sunflower Showdown. And he was elected governor twice by the same people who voted for Trump. Kansas, a state with socialism stamped on many of its old buildings, now deep in debt. There's your boogeyman. Live and in the flesh.

Also, aren't you subjectively judging me for linking the someone else's words and calling that pompous? I could just make this reply a list of links where the POTUS made ignorant and arrogant statements that offended people the world over. But this isn't about being offended, it's about being competent and saying it like it is, which is the one thing the POTUS' supporters claim is refreshing about him.

Also, he did not navigate through American politics. He moved on it like a bitch.
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