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There's currently some difference of choice as far as which realm we'll be going to, I though we all wanted to go Midgard, but some are leaning towards Albion and Hibernia as well.

So if you guys want to level and/or pvp with our group right from the start, just specify what you would play in all 3 realms as a first/main char. Some people intend on playing 2 classes too, one with the group, and one when the rest aren't around, so as to stay within 3-4 levels of the rest of the group.

So if we end up going to a realm other than Midgard, we can plan ahead which class roles we want to fill like so;

Midgard: Augmentation Healer (battle healer) / Skald (bard type)
Albion: Armsman (pure tank) / Minstrel (bard type) / Sorceror (main CC of Albion)
Hibernia: Mentalist / Warden (battle healer type)

If you need more info on what classes can do, this char builder is most compatible with Uthgard (with exception of the [C] classes, those won't be available.)
I've been retired from P99-EQ & Uthgard-DAOC for quite a long while now, but if you ever seek advice with either one, don't hesitate to ask.
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