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Originally Posted by Psycher [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I know most people prefer this classic server to appear 100% classic, and although the blurry nostalgic memories of bad textures are nice for a bit, I have found a way to upgrade your textures which significantly improve your visual experience.

A lot of people have the idea that EQ Titanium already comes with the new textures (I believe Lucin brought these new textures) However, they do not for whatever reason (probably to save space, the new zone files are much bigger in file size)

So how does one get these new textures?

1.) Simply download the free version of EverQuest Trilogy linked here:

2.) install the game in a different directory then your P1999 EQ titanium directory

3.) Do not run EQ trilogy, open the trilogy directory and sort the folder to view all .s3d files (details view in windows)

4.) Open your project1999 directory and backup your .s3d files just in case of any issues (especially lavastorm and nekulous, I havenít tested them yet)

5.) After youíve backed up your files, replace your P1999 .s3d files with your Trilogy files ( drag and drop or copy and paste)

6.) Thatís it, now you can delete the Trilogy install files and download files

It might seem like a ridiculous silly process but i found that its very much worth it. Just to reiterate, make sure you back up the files, i have not tested every zone, but so far no issues while traveling around, if there is an issue with a zone, just replace that zone with the back up.

Screen shots:
Nicely done sir
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