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Originally Posted by Ambrotos [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Lately there have been people being trustful of handing over very valuable items to people they hardly know. In return these people are not giving the items back.

NEVER trust anyone to "hold" your items to give to another toon of yours UNLESS you know them. I don't mean " I met him the other day, he seemed cool as I buffed him in ec". A trusted guild member, or someone you personally know.

NEVER trust someone to "escrow" anything UNLESS you know them.

It is a huge pain in the ass to track these people down and ban them for scamming. I want to ban them since they are scum, but it's very time consuming and not the easiest thing in the world to track down.

Just don't do it.

Or even Account sales. It's 100% risk on you to do this. This is also why we don't endorse people selling their accounts.
Trust bonk. If u need transfer, trust bonk. Its an elf game.
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