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Originally Posted by DMN [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
No surprise here.

In diablo 2 there were a bunch of Asian hackers who were abusing all sorts of hacks on BNET and doing things like "popping corpses" after auto flagging people for pvp. in EQ it would be comparable to instantly flagging you for a duel, instantly killing you with a hack, and then the hacker being able to loot ALL of your items.

They lied nonstop in the forums that people were mistaken and there was no hacking going on. Once I posted absolute proof that showed an entire encounter of these hackers using these very hacks. Net result? I get suspended and post deleted within minutes.

Then you had WOW, where for the longest time they let Chinese farmers completely destroy server economies. These weren't just bot farmers either but people using blatant hacking. I caught tons of them hacking all over as I would watch them hidden on my rogue, and reported them for months and even recorded their behaviors and never did it seem they ever got banned. They just went on hacking/botting. I had even posted videos and such with links so people could see the things they were doing.

But they eventually banned me because I killed some raid mobs with my guild before "we were supposed to". (molten core). No hacks , no cheats. We just pulled and killed them. Oh, and guess what, I was the only one in the guild banned for it. Hah. And I knew exactly why.
Damn! I knew about WoW gold farmers and Diablo cheats (I feel like almost everyone who played those games did), but I always assumed they were trying to do something about them and just were ineffectual.

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