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Originally Posted by wagorf [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
This is not true. You can pick the raids you want to attend on hardcore guilds. DKP system or not it doesn't make any difference, you still need to accumulate enough attendance / dkp for any items. At least you know, over time as you accumulate enough dkp, you WILL get the item eventually.

Say there is a specific epic piece that on avg drops 2 times a month. Of the two times, most likely it's the top 2 or 3 guilds getting it. It's all about opportunities. When a smaller guild has little chance at getting a specific item, adding the competition within the guild who wants it, the final chance of getting item is so slim to none.

As an individual, will you have a better shot at epic_quest_piece_01 (e.g. Green Scale) on a small guild who gets one a year, or in a big guild who gets 12 a year? Answer is pretty obvious. Random/loot countil whatever system in a smaller guild doesn't give you a better chance at an item, because seeing the item drop for the guild is rare to start with.

P.S. The last 7 child tears went for about 1-5 dkp. If one raid attendance = 2 dkp, means you have enough to win the item after attending 3 successful raids.
depending on the loot, yes. But if you can only make 10% of raids and like i said, dont track (you know, a casual raider) if you want something like a ruby tear? Sure, you could get it EVENTUALLY. In like 4 years.
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