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Originally Posted by nilbog [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Always? I remember 2 different scenarios with my magician.

1. Chardok faction. I could afk in a room w/ 3 goblins, and when I came back, I had faction for every goblin killed by my pet.

2. Revamped VP faction. AFK in mistmoore, and when I would come back, I had faction for all the npcs killed by my pet.

Also, it prevents killing npcs with impunity. Example: if you farm guards of a city with only your pet, you should get faction hits for them.
aye u are talking about kunark era not Classic pre kunark i remember in classic my friends mage killin guards with no faction loss

im still lookin for patch notes ref them patching pet faction
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You sir are brilliant
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