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The test, should you want to repeat it yourself for the Nth time is actually quite easy.

2 60 warriors.
No haste (spells/items).
Fine steel sword (or comparable)
Shield offhand
High hp regen mob that has low dmg output (EW side of Kael comes to mind)
Warrior A no str buff
Warrior B 255 str

Warrior A engages with a 15sec head start. Warrior B engages.

If you’re right and nobody taunts/kicks/disarms, Warrior B will inevitably overtake warrior A only to never lose aggro once. If higher str gives you more threat per swing it will be impossible for warrior A to maintain aggro over the coming minutes. Mobs in that area regen strongly enough it’ll take forever to kill them with FS sword ... and they won’t put out enough damage for you to really need a heal. Test takes minimal effort and can be set up more or less afk for the better part of 15 minutes.

If you’re willing to take the word of someone who’s done this more than a few times here and on live ... the spoiler is that warrior B never overtakes warrior A with an undeniable aggro lock.

If you’re not willing to acknowledge someone who’s done it before ...

Test it yourself. It’s easy.

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