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Little known bit of EQ lore: the Oracle of K'Arnon was forcefully exiled to that island by a group of particularly stylish young Elves who could not stand his repugnant taste in outerwear. The Oracle himself, knowing that his garish fashion sense was likely to provoke rage from the nearby seafury cyclops (because offensively ugly clothing is doubly painful when one is forced to take it all in with only a single eye) begged his persecutors to at least allow him a defender. And so the Elves selected for him a guardian: a failed Paladin from Felwithe, an oafish, simpleton Elf who bungled his training so spectacularly by repeatedly casting blind on himself that he permanently lost his vision. And in doing so inadvertently qualified himself as the only suitable guardian for the Oracle, as he would be unable to apprehend the absolutely disgusting sartorial taste of his ward. And so it was that the Oracle and his guardian came to inhabit their lonely place on the island in OOT.