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Many thanks for your answer, that helps a lot.

soo when i have understood right, it will beginn will classic and Kunark / Velious will be unlocked after around 6 months?

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Originally Posted by Videri [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
tl;dr: starting from classic, progressing at the same rate as it did in classic, launch date "October 2019."

You haven't missed anything. The only official post on the forums so far has been the teaser image. There has not yet been an official announcement summarizing the big questions. We are all awaiting further info.

What we do know is that the primary goal of Project 1999 itself is to create a server that follows the classic timeline to a T, right down to each patch, walking through each expansion for the same amount of time they were out back in the day, with all legacy items dropping and then being nerfed at the appropriate juncture. The devs have clearly and consistently expressed that Luclin will not be part of P99. No Ykesha or Planes of Power either. Basically, if it's different from true classic, it will not be here. Note that all of the choices devs make depend on finding suitable, believable in-era evidence, such as forum posts or walkthroughs of old zones and quests. Unfortunately, the devs' desire to reproduce 1999-2002 Everquest is partially hampered by a few things: the limitations of our Titanium client (which apparently can't really be tweaked much), the limitations of our verifiable knowledge of that era, and the history of this server (which has necessitated certain nerfs and adjustments like nerfing Trakanon's Tooth and removing certain exploits, however classic they were).

Have I sufficiently answered your question? If not, I'm sure Loramin can do it better.

Now, watch out for people trolling you and/or asserting falsehoods! (inb4 a certain rosy citrus fruit unilaterally declares the server to be Teams PvP).