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Y’all should go to a zone with zem, root 6 mobs, bard stacks them with mez push (mobs move the direction your back is facing), then charm each one once, all 5 of the other mobs will beat on it for 18 seconds, keep splurt rolling and bard swaps to pbaoe dots to finish off while sitting(to regain mana).


Go to TD(if raptors empty) bard tags one raptor and then song of travel to social all 15, pbaoe snare > Chords of dissonance > Denons disruptive discord > pbaoe snare > cantana > repeat.
After 2 snares land necro sits in lich form and pbaoes using Word line of spells.
15 dark blues every 12 minutes(can get shit done around the house during 12 min repop)

Both methods can net over 8% per hr