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Originally Posted by brokenpromise [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Your necro looks pretty decked out. You even have your epic wtf Couple questions if you dont mind.

Epic is on my p99 bucket list. How horrible is the necro epic?

I've read through the necro guides. Is iksar regen really that much of a difference? Dark elf is usually my default race but if iksar really is that big of a difference I can be a lizard.

Edit: I noticed you opted for Strength of the elements over coldain shawl. I'm guessing the hp and lich out weigh flowing thought and mana. Really dumb question but are you raid geared?

Edit 2: yes it appears you are lol
You get +18 HP a tick at level 60 sitting, +12 standing as Iksar.
As a Dark Elf: +7 sitting, +4 standing. With Lich, this makes a big difference to efficiency/effort.

Correct on Coldain Shawl, plus I haven't gotten very far in the questline. X)
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