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Have not leveled a mage yet but have done shaman, enc and nec from 1-60 more or less solo.

The enchanter was probably a bit faster but the necro was - by far - the most enjoyable. The quality of life you get from the array of necromancer utilities is amazing.

93% rez,
Incredibly effecient mana regen and dmg over time
Unlimited instant invis

The list goes on.

In terms of what you can farm later I think the necro will have an easier time than a mage soloing semi-profitable stuff. For the truly end-game money camps that are soloable you'd need to be chanter or shaman for most of them.

For instance you can solo 4-ways in Kael Drakkal as a necro. The lieutenants can drop thurgadin armor (robe mq is still, what, 30-40k?). It's very easy as a 60 necro. Even can be done pre-60. I've seen an epic mage do it once and it was hard going. With epic.
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