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Originally Posted by kjs86z [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
There isn't even a comparison.

Necro superior by far. Mages are so one dimensional I don't know how anyone plays them.

Also, the "real" necro epic is the VP staff. Get your VP key and a guild that kills those dragons.
Can you provide examples where VP staff is better than epic? I've seen numerous people claim VP staff is real epic and I find it just plain incorrect in practice. At 60 with both items I've found epic infinitely more useful in anything remotely challenging (Chardok, PoM, Kael, HS, etc). Basically anything that requires some level of tanking and/or shadowbonding a group member or pet. Vexing already has a -100 mod so it lands on almost anything and does significantly more dmg/healing due to the splurt like nature of VP staff.

Necro snares are resisted much more often and I find epic much nicer for a free snare/dot that can be cast X number of times if resisted, and does respectable dmg. Also VP staff blows for healing when using demi-lich. For anything root rotting/fear kiting I still find epic superior, Though neither item is necessary for that.