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Originally Posted by Bbeta [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I have been parsing in Ntov and 1 handers are still king. now i dont have an abashi's but im using a 40 35 and 1 handers are still parsing much better. Rule of thumb, mobs with high ac and high HP, using 1 handers and hitting fast is better, mobs with low ac and low hp u can blow up with 2 hander. So maybe 2hb is better then they were a week ago for classic content but end game 2 handers are still trash
How do the 1 hander parses compare to pre-patch? As you and I both noted earlier in the thread, the patch notes seem to indicate that the change to monk damage tables was a nerf, and my monk (using 1h) feels a little weaker at level 58 now. Although I can't recall exactly what my prior max hits with epic fist were, max hits with blam stick on KC trash are a little lower. At 60, how is your damage with 1handers compared to a week ago?

Edit to add a follow up question: is this change to the damage tables really classic, or was it an executive decision to try and keep monks (read: Kelz) from being too OP. My hazy recollection is that monks did stupid dps at the end of Vel/start of Luclin, and I played a pretty well geared rogue back then. Maybe I'm just off though. Given the rigid adherence to "Classic" on the interface front, to considerable community dismay, I would hope that the damage changes were similarly accurate.
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