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Originally Posted by Oleris [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Looking forward to playing it over the summer. Are you guys going

1) horde or alliance?

2) pvp or pve server?

3) what class?

I remember playing the beta for wow back in the day. There had to be 1,000+ players in the starting zone. It prob took a full day just to complete the first 4 levels due to the lack of quest mobs.

Do you think they will instance any of the starting areas at the launch of the game?

Will everyone min/max and not go any gimp specs?

Were shamans any good? I went alliance and only saw them in pvp

Will they decrease the respec or mount prices?

So many questions about the servers with it coming out soon. Will they go the DBG route and add some QOL to the servers and have a cash shop?

I will probably go frost mage and have my girlfriend try out a shaman or priest for a combo. I have zero idea if shaman and frost mages are a decent duo. I know priest/mage is solid due to the PBAOE priests get.
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this is assuming i even bother playing. vanilla doesn't mean much to me. but the thought of them re-releasing tbc at some point and going back to rng mace stun arena meta of season 1 and 2 has me foaming at the mouth. back when you could spec prep and adrenaline rush and prep refreshed the cooldown of adrenaline rush. those were good times.