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Default Dagnor's Cauldron Goblin Hit Bug

I took my Druid Keljorn to Dagnor's to do some kiting for exp but ran into a huge game issue. It seems that it doesn't matter what distance the goblins are to you they will still hit you.

My first kiting with snare turned into a mad dash for the zone line. The mob was hundreds of feet behind but still kept hitting me while snared. I tried to root and got the same exact result.

At first I thought maybe there was an invisible mob or a mob under the world hitting me so I ran to the Unrest zone line and did some tests. I zone in and then back out to Dag again and found another goblin. The second i snared him I started to get clubbed down again. All melee hits connecting regardless of my long distance from the mob. Ultimately I had to zone into Unrest again or face death.

I tried one more time starting out with root with the same effect.

No other mobs in the zone do this. The snakes and skeletons all hit you properly if you're close enough. Only the goblins are hitting you regardless of how far away you are.

I know I'm new to the server but I have many many years of experience playing on live and never seen this happen before in any zone. Just to be clear this is a goblin thing. No other mobs in that zone did that but every single goblin regardless of their type did.
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