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Originally Posted by ScaringChildren [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I still do not see the appeal of a pre-nerf CoS.

Want it for "oh shit" moments? You have FD.

Want it for charm breaking? You can use the post-nerf easily. Or goblin ring, if you absolutely must have insta break (but you have to select yourself, so it's not really insta)

Want it for convenience of not memming invis? Again, post-nerf works fine.

Waste of 30k imo. Use that money for a Z Heart.
prenerf allows you to stand up from fd if you are fd right next to kos mobs.

Charm breaks big difference between instant and timing a cast.

invis is dropping, click it again rather than find a safe spot and recast.

It is def better. It is one of the more useful necro items in game. Most necro gear just does't matter that much