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Originally Posted by Xevin [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Things to add:
High Res Environment Textures
SoV Armor Textures
P99 Cartography
Rendered Classic Music
High Quality General Sounds
Classic/Luclin Spell Icons

If you find a fix for this one, let me know how you fixed it.

Also forgot to say it, but awesome work man. This will be an HUGE help for new players getting into P99. I love it when members of a community step up and do something amazing like this.
Thanks for the kind words.

I am almost done with v0.2

Will add:
P99 Cartography
HQ General Sounds

Classic spell icons are already in v0.1, I will add Luclin ones and possibly others.
plus some other things are going to come in v0.2

Will NOT add:
Rendered Classic Music - this requires taking ownership etc over Windows System files. Something that is nearly impossible to do with an Installer. Users will have to do this manually. I would love to do this, but its just not very possible. Would be great if we could figure out how to achieve the same by manipulating EQ files instead of Win Sys files.

Velious Armor Textures - 2 reasons, 1) Its not velious yet and most importantly 2) The size of the file is too big for an easy portable installer.

High Res Environmental Textures - 3 reason 1) I think most people wouldnt want these especially if they are playing for old school EQ fix 2) The filesize is HUGE its upwards 700MB. 3) Its very very easy to install for anyone that really wants them, simple extract, dont need an installer.
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