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Howdy, I'm back again but this time trying to exclude certain sellers from my list. Here's what I'm using:

^(?<seller>[A-Za-z]*) auctions, \'(?i:WTS|selling).*(?<item>(?i:Crushed Topaz|(?<!Chipped\s)Black Marble)).*\'

I tried using the code Morticon provided at the beginning but it isn't seeming to work. Example:

(?<!NAME\s)^(?<seller>[A-Za-z]*) auctions, \'(?i:WTS|selling).*(?<item>(?i:item1|(?<!Chipped\ s)Onyx Sapphire)).*\'

I've also tried this below bit it seems to break the script

^((?<!name\s)?<seller>[A-Za-z]*) auctions, \'(?i:WTS|selling).*(?<item>(?i:item1|(?<!Chipped\ s)Onyx Sapphire)).*\'

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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