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Talking Hello from Alaska!

Hey everyone,

Last week my wife and I we're reminiscing about our old EQ days downstairs with our daughter. I know she heard the stories multiple times but hey none of you in the community have. [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

My wife and I met playing this game 20 years ago. After a long friendship we did that whole internet dating deal. Chatted on video etc and BAM I move down a few years later, got married and have two wonderful kids all because of this game.

Its rather interesting if you think about it really. We could have never met had this game not existed.

I watched just a few videos and decided after all these years I was going to dust off EQ. I started installing it and instantly my wife got all excited. Whats neat is my daughter who is turning 15 soon really wants to give it a try even if she is of the opinion the graphics suck haha. Kids these days never knew the struggles and just how cool these graphics were all those years ago.

I very much looking forward to meeting new peeps and getting to experience the ride once again but this time with my daughter as well! I just hope she enjoys it enough to see some really cool raiding and end game stuff.

Anyways my main is Keljorn which was my name all those years ago on Bertox. I have him to level 18 right now. So far I must say in my week long experience playing here the people are great! Everyone I have met has been super fun to group with and very helpful just giving buffs out without even being asked. I even had some random druid run up and give me split Paw gloves and some mask then buff and run off. I'm super stoked I took the jump and reinstalled.

To future adventures!