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Thanks Vormotus!

So far the experience has been great! My wife is still waiting on the ip exemption request we put in three weeks ago. Once it goes though I'm going to be extremely excited to be able to relive the great fun eq has to offer by her side once again. Until them I'm going to keep leveling my druid so we can get a bit of coin together for our mains. I plan on playing a mage for the very first time. Shes going to stay with her chanter Kylala.

Yesterday was her day off from work. She was so hopeful the exemption would go though. When it didnt I goated her into playing alone. I lined up a newby to help me trade some plat to her and gave him for his trouble as well. She got some cloth armor, some bags and a new dagger then got to level 2 before logging out. She just doesn't want to play without me lol!

Eventually though we will get to play together here. We tried playing on another server together but the population is so low and the progression is way to fast so we dont like it much other than getting to play together. Someday though the fine GMS on this server will come though and make our day! =)