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Default Password Recoveries

We are frequently being asked by players for help in recovering passwords to their accounts. Unfortunately, we do not help recover passwords outside of the mechanics that are already in place. There are a number of reasons we do not assist players, ranging from inconsistencies proving ownership, to making sure that we do not provide a service to one player that we can't provide to the next.

This post will cover the mechanics that are available for self-recovery.

First, there are two different accounts to be aware of:

Loginserver Accounts are the accounts that you use to log into the game with. You enter this just prior to the server selection screen.
Forum Accounts are the accounts that you use to log into the forums and website here.

These are two different usernames and passwords. While they could have been created with the same username/password, they are still separate accounts.

When speaking about Forum Accounts, this could be either a Project 1999 Forum Account, or an EQEmulator Forum Account.

Loginserver Accounts can only be managed by logging into the Forum Account that created it. This could be either a Project 1999 Forum Account, an EQEmulator Forum Account, or both only if the accounts had been Linked. If the accounts are not Linked, you can only manage the Loginserver Accounts by logging into the website that they were originally created on, using the account they were created under.

So the first step in regaining access to your Loginserver Account will be to log into the associated Forum Account. If you do not remember your Username and/or Password for this, the only way to recover is by requesting an email. You must know the email address associated with the account.

Recover Project 1999 Forum Account Here:
Recover EQEmulator Forum Account Here:

Once you have regained access to your Forum Account, you can then work on recovering Loginserver Accounts. On the Home page of either Website, on the left side you will see the options for Account System.

If you know the current password of a Loginserver Account and merely want to change it, then select the Change Password option.
If you do not know the current password of a Loginserver Account, then you will need to Reset the password using the SMS System.

If you have not already, this will require attaching an SMS Number to the Forum Account. Select SMS Verification on the left and proceed through the pages. If you do not verify the SMS Verification Code that is sent, the SMS Number will not become active on the account. Once you successfully verify the SMS Number, there will be an email sent to verify the account. If you do not have access to the email address anymore, the SMS Number will automatically become active after 7 days. If you have access and can click the verification link, your SMS Number will become active immediately.

Once the SMS Number is activated, you can then proceed with resetting your passwords. This will reset ALL Loginserver Account passwords to the same password provided. After that, you can then individually change each Loginserver Account using the Change Password option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am locked out of the Forum Account and do not remember or have access to the Email Address it is under.
There is currently no way to proceed past this.

I am able to access the Forum Account, but no longer have access to the SMS Number that is attached to the Forum Account.
There is currently no way to proceed past this.

I can prove that I'm the original owner of my account(s). Can I post a Petition Thread for help recovering access?
No. You may be able to prove that you are the owner, but there is no Standard by which we can set for successfully proving that which can be universally applied. We do not collect enough information at the account creation process to feel confident in any verification process. Furthermore, we cannot selectively chose who to help based on varying degrees of evidence. Therefor, we do not help outside of the mechanisms already provided above.
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