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I was the wingman on executing this quest and I can say it was a wild ride. I went undercover and participated in the quest unbeknownst to the other participants. It was great to be have an inside look into the camaraderie the group formed. We were 5 people from 3 different guilds that randomly decided to help this guy in the Hole.

We had to make adjustments to the quest on the fly. We had to constant converse to make sure we stayed on track. In the end, it far exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to do another one. I plan to take the lead storywriter role next time around.

This quest was fully funded by ourselves personally to the tune of about 60k. I would love to get some donations for next time so we can make it even bigger. Whether is plat donations or items. I hope you all are looking forward to what comes next.


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