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I didnít read the whole thread so hopefully this isnít a repeat. On the launch of Blue my friend and I both decided to play Shaman. It was a bit awkward of a duo at times since we didnít cover each others weaknesses.

From level 34-42 or so we decided to do Hill Giants in Rathe Mtns. They dealt too much damage to slow tank them as we would be healing too much. And root rotting was annoying with root breaks. We came up with a method to balance our aggro by using flash of light.

One would pull with disease DoT and the second shaman would hit it with poison DoT. We send both pets in with taint off. We would be spaced really far apart. One person would sit and get aggro, the second person would stand. When the hill giant got close to the sitting person, they would stand and the opposite shaman would sit. The hill giant would ping pong back and forth between us while alternating who was sitting. In order to maintain aggro we would have to use flash of light to build aggro.

It was honestly a blast.