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Originally Posted by Natewest1987 [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Every time I end up having to group with a hybrid, they are usually more than a few levels ahead of me. Theyíll work their way into groups and then stay at that scene well past the point of robbing everyone else of their fair xp. Itís not uncommon to see hybrids clinging to goblins in HK from 35-37, where as most other classes seem to move on by then.

You are also probably far more likely to end up with more than one hybrid during your session after you open the gates for the first.

Itís really a dirty thing the original developers did to hybrids. The whole thought process being adding a penalty to them to offset additional kill speed would be great if mobs didnít die seconds after they spawn and werenít attached to fixed timers anyway.
Well the worst part is that hybrids donít have a large inherent benefit to offset their penalty. They donít kill faster, dont add any real amazing utility to a group. Would much rather just root the mob and let the Warrior tank it then deal with the ďopened doorĒ of multiple hybrid penaltyís.

Lessons learned: make your hybrids after Velious, go solo, or group with friends or guild mates that are fine with the exp penalty. Donít inflict it on a group of randoms.
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