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Default someone has to say it, this is getting out of hand...

Why the hell are there 5 plate wearing classes? Bards should not wear plate. Think about the game balance. You have 5 plate, 4 cloth, 3 chain, and 2 leather armor classes. How does that make any sense? If you moved Bard to leather, which is 100% logical from any sort of realistic fantasy view, you would have 4,4,3,3. See the balance? The symmetry? From lowest to highest AC, 4,3,3,4. See? So how did these geniuses who designed this game fuck up so badly? Explain.

What kind of dancing singer wears hundreds of pounds of plate, but runs at Usain Bolt speed? Every other game has bards wearing light armor. You can't play musical instruments with plate gauntlets on. WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS?

god damn you people make me sick...