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Default <Azure Guard> recruiting thread 2.0

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Welcome to the new recruitment thread for Azure Guard!

We are looking for people who match our vision for playing and enjoying Everquest on P99. We have noticed that the threads in this forum have all become very similar, with vague descriptions promising things like "work-life balance" and "the only requirement is not being a jerk and to have fun" without anyone telling you specifically what you are getting yourself into. We have decided to take a different route and let you have all the information, euphemism free, up front. If you are interested in joining us, here's what you need to know:

A. Why should you consider AG?
This guild is stable and always growing. We are organized and have strong leadership. We work together with other guilds, being officially allied with two other guilds and unofficially allied with another. Our leader is the elected mayor of P99 and we have never had a raid suspension enforced on us.

B. Joining Process
Joining AG is not complicated. You must have one character 46+ to become a member. You go to our website (located here: ) and fill out an application. Someone will contact you right away, usually within 48 hours. You must attend two functions, at least one of which is a raid, to get tagged as a trial member. After one raid as a trial member, you will be eligible to become a full member. You will then have access to our website and will begin to accumulate DKP and are treated the same as any other member.

C. Rules and Regulations
There aren't a lot of rules in AG. AG is a borderline roleplaying guild in that we expect you to not only abide by the PnP, but actively be a nice player to others, particularly lower level characters, and to be a good steward of the blue server. We want to be a positive force on the server, not a neutral or evil one. We're not looking for lawyerquesters or people trying to push the line on what's legal and what's not on P99. This is a social game and if you're looking for pixels at any cost, we're probably not what you're looking for.

D. Loot Distribution
AG uses two different systems to distribute loot: /random and DKP. We use DKP for guild raids or events of 2+ groups, or for certain targets. We use /random to distribute loot from situations where DKP does not apply, and occasionally we do raids where it's announced beforehand that everything will be /randomed. You accumulate points for coming to raids, and spend those points on loot we obtain. DKP is awarded by the hour on some targets, and as a set amount on others. Outside of very limited circumstances where two players can make a similar claim to an item, there is no loot counseling in AG, and if that situation arises the process is transparent. DKP is the fairest system to accommodate both casual and everyday players.


Q. What time zone do you mostly operate in?
A. The majority of our people are located in the USA in the Eastern or Central time zones, but we have members from all over the world. When raids are scheduled, they are usually in the evening. We target mobs 24/7 though and work with our European allies to kill mobs whenever they pop.

Q. Do you have a batphone?
A. We have a batphone that is run through Twitter. You are not required to join, but you will miss most encounters if you do not use this service.

Q. What sort of requirements do you have regarding raid attendance?
A. Very little. You must attend at least two raids to join the guild, but once you are in, there is no requirement that you attend a certain percentage of raids to keep your membership. The beauty of DKP is that you earn as much as you care to earn. The only caveat is you must attend at least one raid per month to avoid DKP decay.

Q. What gear requirements does AG have to join?
A. None. We require you to be 46+ on one character to join the guild, and 55+ to come to certain raids. There are a few high-end encounters that require specialized gear to join that particular raid. Nobody will be inspecting you to determine whether you're eligible to join the guild based on your gear.

Q. What chat requirements do you have?
A. AG provides voice chat via mumble. You are not required to join it. Approximately 50% of guild members use voice chat.

Q. How do you deal with alts?
A. We'll guild any alt you have regardless of level if you list them on the website, but you must get your character to level 46 before you can spend your DKP on that alt.

Q. Do you police my speech?
A. Some guilds require you to abstain from posting in certain forums or using your characters "real" name. We do not have any rules like that.

Q. Do you tolerate roleplayers?
A. Yes. We have a few roleplayers in our guild. You are not required to roleplay, however, and the vast majority do not.

Q. What raids do you schedule?
A. Unfortunately on P99, you can not schedule most raids because of how the rules are set up; you have to go when the window is open and that changes all the time due to many factors. We do schedule raids when possible though, and currently we are doing Plane of Sky on Tuesday nights at 7:30 Eastern and HoT on Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons.

Thanks for checking out our thread and if you believe you would be a good fit with our guild, please check out our website at and fill out an application!

For those looking for our previous recruiting thread:
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