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Originally Posted by polishanarchy [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
You'd want to at least have invisibility (and meditate) before attempting to make this journey. I'd advise against porting to DL.

1. Take the boat from Oasis to Overthere.
2. Get someone to bind you at the evil outpost there (in case you die on the way to FoB).
3. Run to Warsliks Wood, then straight to Field of Bone (no need to go through Cabilis).
4. Get someone to bind you at the ramp outside Kaesora.

The fastest way to get spells from there would probably be to run back to OT, grab a port and buy in Neriak (or elsewhere depending on illusions, but I don't know much about enchanters).

I imagine this would be more viable if you could stock up on a bunch of the spells you'll need before you head to FoB, though.
I second this. There is the much faster/more direct DL > KC > EJ > FoB route, but if you've never done it before, I think everyone should do the oldschool boat route at least once, for nostalgia sake.
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