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Weapons honestly...they suck until you get into the high end gear, at least for 1HS which I use because scimitars are badass. I know plenty of druids who go around with a Testament of Vanear and Paw of Opolla in both hands, but that's at the higher end when you don't want to melee.

Runed Totem Staff is 2HB that is pretty good, you should be able to get that yourself by level 20ish. For 1HB you should be able to get a Jaggedpine Crook Staff REALLY easily at level 13, but you have to travel to Qeynos Hills. For 1HS, you can try to get your hands on an Obsidian Scimitar.

Combine versions of all weapons are available at most gypsy camps. They're magic but otherwise retain the same stats as regular versions.