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OP here. Been offline for a bit, but wanted to make a few clarifying points:

-- It was not during the exp weekend. My opening sentence (and date of posting) says it was July 1. Exp bonus kicked in July 3. I think someone just ran with that idea.

-- I was not the only one mad. I'm not sure I have any more evidence than what I already posted, but the majority of level-appropriate players spoke up in /ooc. And it was certainly more than just myself who confronted the crew at the zone line after the zone had been cleared. There were, to his credit, 1 or 2 newbies in the zone who took up his offer to tag for faction.

-- I sent multiple tells directly to Bronsun explaining that people were exp'ing and not to take mobs. I sent 3 tells total, none of which were replied to. In full transparency, I think the 3rd was kind of a "wow thanks for being a dick" kind of message.

-- There were additional DB members in zone, but I believe (for the most part) they were not fully aware of what was going on. 1 sent me a tell saying he didn't want to be a cause of any drama and immediately gated out. Another DB was not part of the faction crew and came over to yell at his guildies. 1 DB member kinda stayed on Bronsun's side. I left these names out intentionally, it was really just 1 person causing the issue, and I certainly did not intend to tarnish a guild's name over the action of just one. Overall the interactions with DB that evening were very positive.

-- I'm all for giving another chance. But it's hard to tell from that recent screenshotted convo if he even acknowledges how much of a dick he was being. To me it looks like he's actually defending his actions, or entirely thinks he did nothing wrong. I consider not stealing mobs & pulling an entire zone to be basic decency, but maybe that's something that needs to be learned by some people. I just hope it was actually learned and not just something he's going to do again at some point. I guess I'm standing under the structure of his actions like a good mason and I still can't tell how much value they hold.