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Originally Posted by Dwarflord [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
this server was never meant to have a big population but you missed all the signs because you were dumb

red99 was just a playground for the most toxic players so blue would have less customer service issues, you all took the bait and fell for it instead of griefing bluebies and causing mass hysteria

Zero patches or support for year 1 should have given it away but you got hipponipples running around with IQ's in the 80s and brad pitt avatars LOL

Anyone remember what happened at the battle of karnors when 1000 people zoned in ?

I would say pvp happened but the server cant support big battles, everquest isnt made for it.

i say the server because red99 and blue99 are the same server, just virtual private environments
You have some weird conspiracy theories and contradict yourself. I am low IQ for thinking this server will never have a higher population? Then you write this drivel which makes you look retarded saying how this server isn't supposed to have players on it.

I was simply explaining to Ignight why people don't enjoy the current server. I didn't say anyone that runs project 1999 cares, but for some reason you try to argue with me and then argue a point not even brought up.

Sorry this server never accepted you and scarred you so badly. You should focus more on your real life failures and less on the online ones. Picking tomatoes in your grandma's back yard is only going to get you so far.