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Talking Most Fun Seb King Camp in P99 (story)

So here goes a quick story (sorry if english not correct):

I head yesterday to sebilis, with the intention to camp there as was allready late in Spain. After being one minute in the zone in, I get the following:

stranger: Hey, what you up to?
me: Not much, what about you?
stranger: Wanna join up?
me: Where??
stranger: We at king, trio, would be 4 with you

Me thinking to myself: "This shit gonna be boring, 4 man king ... well, lets give a shoot and try 2 cycles /shrug

At that point I join the group, Monk+Sham+Sham + Me (Monk), which had the "Base Camp" at the Brain Room.

5 Minutes later we had the King PH clear, and a new Monk joins

Me thinking to myself: "Wow, 5 man, Im not really up to this so late in the night, lets get one more PH and go sleep"

At that point, and as some of the guys in the group had alts in there, the group composition changes to: Monk, Cleric, Sham, Ench and me (Monk)

The other monk says he is gonna keep pulling random mobs (instead of the typical handfull of mobs per cycle king camp) and he pulls some new spore, and at that point I decide to start bringing some more chained pulls, so while we would finish mobs in camp I keep pulling from inside with an Eye while dpsing the mobs in camp.

We start getting then a constat 1-3 mobs in camp all the time, the fun starts to increase, "but" at some point, one priest gates back to the King plateau room .....

.... fuck it, lets go and fight into king room.

At that point, we move the group to king (was easy as about all mobs were dead but a few randoms here and there, and start using that place as kill spot and camp.

With the high amount of roamers and repoping monsters around that place was so damn fun, as we had about all the time 1-3 spores in the camp and if not we would be eye pulling from around.

Here is a picture of the place looked like

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What a fun times, for real. The DPS in the group was really high, as later the other monk also swapped to rogue, so we had rogue + pet + monk DPS

This was 1st time Ive done this King camp on his room in P99, while I remember doing it maybe once or twice in live at that spot .... but didnīt remember it to be this crazy/fun Lol

Thought it was worth to share the story [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]