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Originally Posted by Big_Japan [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
analogy doesn't hold up so well. NSA mass surveillance activity as it exists now runs contrary to the American people's interests, whereas the holocaust was at least to the benefit of the country under whose flag the act was committed.
One could argue that quite contrary NSA mass surveillance ist not only contrary to the interests of the Amrican people but also breaks several American Laws whereas the Holocaust was in line with the legal system of the place it happened in.

Also I most seriously doubt that Germany benefitted from the holocaust. Apart from the moral standpoint and the inhumanity of the system it required machines and men to run which would have been more useful at the frontlines.

With the extreme comparison I simply wanted to point out that a whistleblower alerting to a grave mistake most likely is a more honorable person than the lawbreakers who feel betrayed by the discovery. The American people should be mad at the scumbags spying on them, not at the person bold enough to leave that filth behind.