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Originally Posted by asp69 [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Just wanted to pop in and say goodbye and a give my reason for leaving. CSR Medris gave me a week suspension for defending myself against a gang of bullying chars in CB. I was in the throne room minding my own business pulling mobs. A group piles in and pulls a ton of mobs on me forcing me out of TR. I zone and return to find them in TR. So I returned the favor. This goes back and forth a few times then said group petitions on me for forcing them out by doing the same thing they did to me in the first place. I was honest with CSR Medris about the entire thing and the fool still gives me a seven day suspension. If Medris is representative of the type of individual they are making CSR guides these days you can have this server and everything that goes with it. I want nothing to do with the mob rules mentality of uninformed and foolish CSR's who make hasty judgement calls based on hearsay. Goodbye and farewell. Good luck with this snowflake millennial utopia and every poopsock CSR like Medris that goes with it.
I don't understand. Unless the group died you shouldn't be getting their aggro. Orcs aren't undead or similarly coded mobs.