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Originally Posted by Imago [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Actively announce using /ooc that you’re new and looking for assistance and people will port to you to give you hand me downs and PL you. Get a money-making class up past 25 and farm HHK guards to 40. You’ll have enough of a nest egg that you’ll be able to start Tunnel-questing (again thru /ooc) some significant gains.

See you in game!
I'm not actively looking for handouts and won't go asking for them. If someone happens to notice me and flips a nickel at my feet, cool, I'd be rude to turn them down, but I'm no hobo rattling a tin can. I'll survive on rusty swords and cloth armor if I have to. Everyone did at one point, I did on my Ranger.

That said, my toon name is JinglyTingly, Half Elf Bard.