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Q23: What exactly is off limits during a Raid Suspension?
A: Anything that has an FTE message and/or is considered more than one group content is a no (except Guardian Kozzalym, Master Yael, Verina Tomb, Vessel Drozlin, Lodizal, and Ragefire), no planes, no VP, no ToV, no ST, no Ringwar.
On Blue, mobs that have FTE messages include the Dain, Vindi, Statue, AoW, Velk, Lord Bob, KD, Yeli, Zlandi, Sont, Woushi, Klandi, KT, VS, Faydedar, Sev, Trak, Gore, Nagy, Vox, maybe others?

Not sure about Phinny, KDT, and Chardok Royals.